We are very focused on protecting homeowners living in homeowner associations in Florida. Last year, we were able to Smash the Home Tax, but it’s back this year as SB 398 & HB 483

Watch some of our recent news coverage and our press conference at SmashTheHomeTax.com

Other bills we are tracking:
HB 135HB 137HB 483HB 6003SB 188, SB 294, and SB 398.

CEOMC’s lobby team aggressively monitors legislation that impacts homeowner associations and the residents they serve. We invite you to join us and lend your voice.


Frequently Asked Questions

Getting involved in Tallahassee means letting CEOMC know of your interest. Areas where you can be effective include letter writing, making contact with the Legislators in your specific district, and understanding the impact of the bills themselves. Making a voluntary donation to the CEOMC is also helpful.
Yes. CEOMC and its Legislative Affairs Staff review all bills that impact homeowners associations. They meet regularly and provide analysis and recommended positions.
CEOMC strongly encourages Boards of Directors to have a voice in Tallahassee. There are numerous ways they can make a difference and provide unique perspectives to legislators.

Information on a specific bill may be found here.

Florida House  • Florida Senate

Yes! Our members and our great lobbying team, led by Mark Anderson. Learn more here.
You can make your voice heard on the Home Tax at SmashTheHomeTax.com. If you have an urgent or important request, email Mark Anderson at mark@consultanderson.com.